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Trans-Mate™ has manufactured high quality professional car wash and car detailing products for over 30 years. Trans-Mate is very focused on automotive appearance care. Unlike many competitors, we do not make janitorial products, consumer products or dishwashing soap. This focus has helped us develop a higher level of expertise. Our sales and technical teammates have the experience to resolve the most puzzling car wash and detailing problems.

At Trans-Mate, we take pride in the superior quality of our innovative products, and our competitive pricing. We work hard at generating a continuous stream of new and exciting products that meet the ever changing needs of our customers. Our product development team works continuously at creating new cutting-edge technologies that can improve product effectiveness, environmental friendliness and safety as well as lowering product cost.

Trans-Mate operates from a 40,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Billerica, MA. Trans-Mate is a very versatile manufacturer; we can compound a wide range of powdered, solvent-based and water-based products. Environmentally responsible manufacturing procedures are important to us; as an example, we recycle our production rinse-water and create virtually no production effluent.

We believe that quality assurance begins on the plant floor and that quality is everyone’s job. Our quality control specialists work with our manufacturing staff to assure that all products are compounded properly and are thoroughly tested before being packaged. Our attention to quality doesn’t stop with the chemical product; we make sure our labeling and packaging are high quality and very consistent as well. The effort pays off; our toughest critics, our customers, tell us Trans-Mate quality and consistency are features they can rely on.

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