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Water-based Silicone Dressing Concentrate

  • Great for both exterior and interior surfaces
  • Dilutable for versatility and economy

Description: Water-Based Silicone Dressing Concentrate

Applications: Used Car Reconditioning New Car Prep Retail Detailing Car Wash Industry

Directions: Dilute 1:1 for high gloss, 2:1 for medium gloss, 3:1 for satin gloss and 4:1 for matte finish.

Water-based formula for use on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Apply a thin even coat with sponge, cloth, pad or spray onto clean surface, let dry.

For tires, let product dry and wipe away excess before moving vehicle to avoid exterior molding staining from product “sling”.

Benefits: Excellent leveling Controlled shine from high gloss to matte Packaging: 4/1 Gallon Case 5 Gallon Head Pack 55 Gallon Drum