Meguiar's Professional M88800 Beyond Ceramic Paint Coating

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Meguiar's Beyond Ceramic Paint Coating M888 is an exciting professional coating that utilizes proprietary chemistry built on prior technology that we've continued to improve upon. M888 is a multi-year paint protection(1) that delivers excellent durability and chemical resistance wrapped up in one amazing car ceramic coating that's extremely user-friendly. With M888, you get a professional long-lasting coating but don't have to worry about being a certified or a trained installer to apply; anyone can purchase and use Beyond Ceramic Paint Coating. The advanced formula allows for an easy application with a low risk of high spotting, a single coat application, and easy wipe-off. To help ensure you obtain the best results possible, we've also included a pro application guide in the kit with a QR code where you can get the SOP, videos, and SDS. This ceramic car coating is different than our traditional SiO2 ceramic-based products, delivering even better durability, water-beading, slickness, and gloss with 100% actives, which means no flashing-off carriers like other coatings and traditional waxes.

Just like with any coating or protectant, maintenance will play a key factor in maximizing exceptional performance. We recommend frequent washing with a pH-balanced car wash using the two-bucket method and premium accessories. Additionally, a ceramic-based boosting spray such as Meguiar’s Pro Hybrid Ceramic Bead Booster M799 or Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Detailer used periodically will help enhance and maintain protection, durability, and water beading performance.

This kit includes 1 Meguiar's Beyond Ceramic Paint Coating 1.3oz, 1 Meguiar's Tri-Layer Microfiber Applicator, and 1 Professional Application Guide. So, if you're looking for a multi-year protectant with amazing durability, water-beading, slickness, and gloss, look to professional Beyond Ceramic Paint Coating M888!

(1)Multi-year durability based on water contact angle measurements, requires washing, decontamination, paint correction, and surface prep before application. Includes maintenance by regular washing and application of ceramic-based boosting spray.

-Not recommended for matte or satin finishes as it may add unwanted gloss.

SKU M88800
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