Meguiar's M200 Pro Speed Polish

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Meguiar's Professional Pro Speed Polish M200 is an extremely user-friendly pro-grade polish that's formulated to clean and remove light paint defects while leaving the surface with a swirl-free deep, glossy finish, even on dark and sensitive paints. Created with professional body shops and detailers in mind, this advanced formula quickly removes light paint defects like DA haze and Rotary swirls, finishing out beautifully without creating further haze, swirls, or holograms. The rich polishing oils enhance gloss and shine for a brilliant finish, even when working on darker colors and paint finishes that are more sensitive. This exclusive formula is body shop safe and fine-tuned for both tall and short stroke DA polishers. M200 is also a versatile cleaner polish that's safe and effective when working by hand, dual action variable speed polisher or rotary buffer on glossy paint. It was purposely formulated delivering a long work cycle and is a low dusting for fast clean ups. M200 is also the perfect final step to obtain a show car, swirl-free result after using a more aggressive compound like Meguiar's Professional Pro Speed Compound M100 to remove heavier paint defects.
SKU M20032
UPC 070382017330
Manufacturer Meguiar's
Product Line Mirror Glaze