Meguiar's D156 Synthetic X-Press Spray Wax

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  • Easy mist on-instant wipe off.
  • For durable protection thanks to unique blend of Hydrophobic Polymer Technology™.
  • Creates deep rich wet-look shine.
  • Can be applied in direct sunlight.
  • Dries clear on plastic trim.
  • Fast wet or dry car application.
  • Meets CARB’s VOC limit for Automotive Instant Detailers.
  • DILUTION ready to use.


  • SHAKE WELL. For best results apply to a clean surface.
  • Mist product onto one section at a time.
  • Quickly spread product with a clean Meguiar’s wipe (E101 or E100EU) and immediately wipe with a second dry wipe.
  • Do not allow product to dry on the surface.
  • Maybe applied to a wet vehicle after rinsing. Mist on wet car and proceed with drying towel (X2000EU) or chamois (Χ2100).
  • Apply to paint, glass and chrome for durable hydrophobic protection.
  • Use Meguiar’s Microfibre Wash Mitt (X3002EU) for initial wipe-followed with final wipe with E101 or E100EU.
Easy to use mist on, wipe off for deep shine and durable protection


Produces a deep, dark "wet-look" shine


Can be applied in direct sunlight, and dries clear on plastic trim


Hydrophobic Polymer Technology™ allows moisture to bead and roll off the waxed paint


Can be applied to wet or dry paint

SKU D15601
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