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Autofiber, have been designing and manufacturing microfiber detailing products for over 20 years. We are committed to solving problems for professional detailers and auto enthusiasts, alike.


We make everything a detailer will need:

- Microfiber drying towels, like the [Dreadnought] and [Amphibian].

- Patented [Saver Applicators] for ceramic coating application.

- The softest towels you will every use, like the [Korean Plush] and [Motherfluffer].

- Wash Mitts and Pads, like the [Dragon] and [Wash Monster].

- Glass Towels for streak free glass, like the [Amphibian Mini], and [No Streak Freak].

- The famous [Scrub Ninja] scouring sponges for cleaning leather, plastic and vinyl.

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