Work Stuff Gentleman Edgeless Detailing Equipment

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Highest Quality Materials for Car and Motorcycle Cleaning

GENTLEMAN is not just any ordinary microfiber cloth, it is the ultimate choice for car and motorcycle enthusiasts who demand the best in quality and performance. Made with high-density, fluffy material on both sides, this cloth is not only gentle but also highly effective in cleaning and maintaining your vehicle.

With its size of 40/40cm and density of 500g/m2, GENTLEMAN is the perfect tool for optimizing your car and motorcycle cleaning routine. Whether you need to apply wax, use Quick Detailers, or perform any other cleaning tasks, this cloth is versatile enough to handle them all.

Featuring laser-cut edges and a WORK STUFF logo, GENTLEMAN is not just a high-quality cleaning cloth, but also a stylish accessory for any car or motorcycle enthusiast. And don’t forget, this cloth can also be used to clean the surface of your motorcycle, making it the ultimate choice for all your vehicle cleaning needs.

Remember to wash the product before first use to ensure the best performance and longevity. Choose GENTLEMAN for a premium microfiber cleaning experience that is both gentle and effective, and take your car and motorcycle cleaning routine to the next level.


  • Size – 40 / 40cm
  • Density – 500g / m2
  • Laser cut edges
  • Dense and delicate microfiber


  • Remember to wash the product before first use.