VONIXX V-Floc Concentrated Car Wash PH Neutral

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VV-FLOC is a high performance, pH neutral car wash. Its formula contains special conditioning agents and surfactants that provide a gentle and efficient washing. V-FLOC has a high degree of lubrication, promoting a significant reduction of the friction coefficient, providing a better slide of the microfiber wash mitt and effectively reducing the chances of swirls on the paint. V-FLOC also promotes shine and renewal aspect of the painting.


- Powerfull cleaning
- Ph-neutral
- Produces a lot of foam
- Does not remove any wax or sealant applied on the paint
- Safe to use on ceramic coated cars
- Safe to use on wraps and PPF
- Gentle washing
- High yield
- Cleans and conditions
- Yield up to 158 gallons (600 liters) of solution


1:400 - Regular washing with bucket
1:20 - Use with Foam Cannon

How to use

Pre-wash the vehicle to remove excess dirt. Dilute approximately 10 ml of V-FLOC in 4 liters of water. We recommend adjusting the amount of product according to the level of dirt. Start washing with a microfiber mitt, always starting at the top of the vehicle. Dip the glove in the solution and rub gently until the car is complete. Then rinse until removing all the product. We recommend using a drying microfiber towel to finish.