VONIXX SINERGY Plastic Spray Coating Ceramic Spray for Trim

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Vonixx Sinergy Plastic Spray Coating Ceramic Spray for Trim

Sinergy Plastic is an easy-to-apply water based spray coating for interior and exterior plastics. On interior plastics the durability is up to 3 years and on exterior plastics the durability is up to 5 months. The product brings an exclusive Vonixx's CARBOSILOXY nanotechnology, in which Carbon acts in synergy with Silicon (SiO2), creating a resistant and very hydrophobic film.

The main goal of this product is not to restore faded plastics, but to add a long lasting protection to plastics that are in good condition. Even so, you can expect the product to improve the appearance of the plastic. The water and dirt repellency are unbelievable. The product will not make the plastic shiny, it will leave an amazing matte to satin look, like a new one.

CARBOSILOXY is a nanotechnology created by Vonixx where Carbon makes a covalent chemical bonding reaction with the plastic and allows Silicon (SiO2) to bond to the plastic by this chemical reaction and also through physical adhesion. These two types of adhesion put together is what makes the product last so long and be so resistant.

- Up to 5 months of protection on exterior plastics
- Up to 3 years of protection on interior plastics
- Very easy to apply, like a spray wax
- Very short curing time: around 1 hour
- Amazing water beading effect
- Carbon reduces the formation of water spots on the plastic
- UV protection to avoid the plastic from fading
- Can be applied on plastics with ceramic coating as a maintenance product
- Matte to satin finish, for an amazing original look


- Make sure the plastic is clean and dry;
- Spray a small amount directly onto the plastic, or onto a microfiber towel/applicator;
- With a second clean and dry microfiber towel, immediately wipe it off evenly, making sure there are no stains or areas with excess product;
- The curing time is just 1 hour.