VONIXX REVOX Synthetic Tire Sealant Satin Finish

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Vonixx Revox Synthetic Tire Sealant Satin Finish

Revox is a synthetic tire dressing formulated to protect and renew the tire, leaving it with a satin finish and great water repellency.

Its exclusive formula is solvent-free, eco-friendly and non-flammable.

Revox is exceptionally resistant to mud and rain, leaving the tire clean for longer.

- Water-based

- Long lasting - up to 45 days

- Repels water

- Solvent free

- UV protection

- Provides a natural look and medium shine - For more shine we recommend Vonixx Shiny Hi-Gloss Tire Dressing.

- Made with synthetic polymers

- Eco-friendly

- Does not leave dirt, grime and mud to stick

  • Ready to use formula

How to use:

Clean the tires thoroughly. Applying the product evenly with help of an applicator foam or a specific applicator for tires ensures full coverage so that there are no failures.