VONIXX IZER Iron & Fallout Remover

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Vonixx Izer Iron & Fallout Remover 500ml | 16.9 oz

- Removes brake dust, rust spots, grease and dirt

- Safe to use on wheels, brakes and paint

- Safe to use on clear coat and single stage paint, chrome, aluminum and clear coated wheels

- Changes color to purple as it works

- Ready to use formula (use strength for best performance, but it can be diluted for a maintenance cleaning if you want)

- pH-Neutral / Non-Acid

- One of the strongest iron removers in the market

- Dissolves iron contamination and metallic fallout

- Removes and prevents oxidation of the paintwork and other external parts of the vehicle

- Helps to remove rust spots on chrome parts

- In the engine, it helps to remove the rusted surface of metal parts

- Reduced odor formula


- Make sure the surface is cold

- Spray a small amount of the product on the surface to be cleaned

- Wait for 2 to 3 minutes until the appearance of the product becomes purple or similar darker color

- Using a detailing brush or microfiber mitt, apply to the wheels and other areas; rub evenly to ensure complete removal of contaminants

- Rinse well (preferably with a pressure washer)

NOTE: If there is no color change, it means that there is no iron contamination. In case of severe contamination, a second application may be necessary. On regular iron surfaces, the product can remove rust but after that, it will be necessary to apply a protection on the area to prevent rust to come back. The strong odor of the product is characteristic, but does not harm the user's health. Do not let the product dry on the surface.