VONIXX BLEND Ceramic & Carnauba Spray Wax

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Vonixx Blend Ceramic & Carnauba Spray Wax 

Blend is a hybrid spray wax specially composed of SiO2 and the purest type 1 carnauba wax that protects the vehicle's surface for up to four months. The product promotes ceramic resistance with the benefits of a warm gloss effect of the carnauba and amazing water beading.

Carnauba wax is known for providing a warm gloss to the vehicle´s paint. Due to the market evolution, there is a growing trend focusing on silica-based products, mainly because of the resistance achieved. Concerned about making a product that provides the Carnauba wax shine and resistance of ceramic components, Vonixx thought about gathering these two raw materials in only one formula to create a super product and, after months of research and hundreds of tests, they achieved a spectacular result: Blend Ceramic & Carnauba Spray Wax. This development has started from the purest type 1 Brazilian Carnauba wax in which they are a reference, and it was united to what is the most modern in the ceramic coating world.


- SiO2 infused Carnauba Technology

- Ceramic resistance from silica (SiO2)

- Gloss from Carnauba

- Protection that lasts up to 4 months

- Can be used to maintain your existing ceramic coating or as a stand alone protection

- Easy application

- Can be used on paint, plastics, metals and glass

- Extreme water beading


1. Shake the product well before use

2. After washing and drying the vehicle, spray a small amount of the product onto the panel, or on microfiber towel keeping a distance of 20cm (8") and not exceeding an area of 60cm x 60cm (2’ x 2’)

3. Without letting it dry, spread with a microfiber towel and then wipe off using a separate clean and dry microfiber towel.

4. Repeat the process until the vehicle is fully covered.

Note: In case of streak, repeat steps 2 and 3.