Sonax Iron-Fallout Remover

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SONAX Iron + Fallout Remover is a non-acid, pH-neutral vehicle surface prep. Perfect for removing the embedded iron, rust, and industrial fallout contaminants from paintwork, painted plastics, chrome, and other exterior surfaces. If these contaminants are not removed, over time they will embed in the paint and can cause rust to form. The color changing formula visually shows the contaminants being broken down and pulled from the vehicle surface. Product goes on clear and changes to a deep red color as it comes in contact with iron or other ferrous metals. An excellent alternative to claying or can be used in conjunction with the clay bar process. Iron + Fallout will reach contaminants that clay bars simply cannot. Due to it's pH-neutral formula, Iron + Fallout Remover is gentle on the surface yet aggressive on removing harmful Fallout. The perfect surface prep prior to the application of a wax, sealant, ceramic coating, or paint protection film.

Product Features:
  • pH formula removes iron particles from painted surfaces prior to applying paint protection
  • Advanced spray on rinse off color changing technology
  • Safe on all exterior surfaces such as paint, glass, plastic, chrome, and rubber trim
  • No Touch non-abrasive technology making it safer than a clay bar
  • Penetrates and removes embedded contaminants that clay bars simply cannot remove