SM Arnold Speedy Surface Prep DX Pad 6.25"

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  • Speedy Surface Prep DX Deluxe Pad
  • Speedy removal of surface contaminants.
  • Easy to use with less effort.
  • Leaves surface smooth as glass.
  • Use with dual action polishers or hand strap.
  • Great for new or dark colored vehicles.

  • Tips:

    • The Speedy Surface Prep DX Pad has a protective coating to ensure stability within transportation. Before first use, break-in the pad following these simple instructions:
    1. Moisten the Speedy Surface Prep DX Pad with desired lubricant.
    2. Moisten a portion of window glass or other glass surface.
    3. Rub the Speedy Surface Prep DX Pad in a circular motion against the glass for 30 to 60 seconds. You may see a white soapy foam. This is the protective sealant coming off.
    4. Don't use until the polymerized rubber is soft and slightly tacky.
    • Cold temperatures may stiffen the pad. Warm the Speedy Surface Prep DX Pad surface before using.