SM Arnold Blugator Seatbelt Brush

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2 Sides are better than 1 with the patent pending Blugator Seatbelt Brush. No needed to flip the seatbelt to get both sides clean. The Blugator Seatbelt Brush cleans both sides at the same time. Use with your recommended seatbelt cleaner. The Blugator Seatbelt Brush gently and effectively scrubs away grime, food stains, make-up, lipstick and much more to renew the look of your seatbelt.


  • Soft
  • Durable nylon fibers
  • Completely extend strap of seatbelt and secure with springs to prevent strap from retracting.
  • 2 sides scrub brush
  • Scrubs away food stains, make-up and much more
  • Save time and energy