Sibelum Premium Pale Leather Care Kit

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The Sibelum set is not only excellent cleaning and maintenance cosmetics, but also a product that removes traces of light leather jeans in your car. Thanks to their neutral pH, they are safe for the skin. Sibelum are cosmetics intended for people who love the natural, beautiful smell of the skin in the car. They give the skin a natural look and properties, leaving a natural finish. An additional advantage of Sibelum products is protection against external effects, jeans stains and UV rays.

Sibelum Leather Cleaner (150ml) - Leather cleaner
Sibelum Leather Conditioner (100ml) - Conditioner
Premium Eco Brush leather brush model Aruba
Delicate premium microfiber
Free Jeans Dye Remoover (10ml) - remover of jeans marks