Puris Jade Pearl Leather & Vinyl Ceramic Coating

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Jade Pearl - Leather & Vinyl Ceramic Coating is formulated for natural, sealed, and synthetic leather and/or vinyl and/or vinyl surfaces. This will provide the highest level of protection for your leather or vinyl components (6-12 months) and also produces the same hydrophobic barrier that you have come to love from our exterior ceramic coating products. This product is NOT INTENDED to be used on aniline leathers and would be used INSTEAD of a traditional conditioner/protectant.



Features & Details:

  • Jade Pearl - Leather & Vinyl Coating is a semi-permanent surface coating with ceramic technology built in. It is designed to give your interior the same protective coating you have grown accustomed to for the exterior of your vehicle.
  • Jade Pearl - Leather & Vinyl Coating will protect leather and hard interior surfaces from everyday ware. This will protect from stains/spills, UV damage, color fading and everyday use!
  • Jade Pearl - Leather & Vinyl Coating is designed to extend the life of leather and Vinyl interiors. With proactive use, Jade Leather & Vinyl will extend the life cycle of your interior surfaces and keep them looking showroom new for years.