Puris Jade Jet-Graphene Ceramic Spray Coat

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The Jade Jet - Graphene Spray Coating is a nano crystalline coating that brings the same incredible durability and surface protection of graphene coatings into a sprayable form. It applies a hard, shiny protective layer that protects your paint from weather, sun, water, and corrosion in a simple spray-and-wipe method!


  • Form an invisible shield that defends your painted surfaces. The Jade Jet - Graphene Spray Coating bonds to your clear coat and delivers top-notch protection from rain, UV rays, dirt and grime, road salt, corrosion, and environmental fallout.
  • Astounding strength and durability. The Jade Jet - Graphene Spray Coating is a 9H on the ceramic hardness scale, which runs from 1H to 9H (the hardest.) It will protect your surface for up to 3 years!
  • Replace waxing and sealing. Rather than spending money on a bunch of waxes and sealants, use the Jade Jet - Graphene Spray Coating for superior protection. It is more hydrophobic than wax and has longer lasting protection.
  • Amazingly easy to use. The Jade Jet - Graphene Spray Coating has the benefits of traditional ceramic coating but is easier and quicker to apply. Once your surface is clean, you simply spray and wipe with a towel. Doesn’t get much more convenient!
  • Leave a deep, mirror-like shine on your paint. The Jade Jet - Graphene Spray Coating doesn’t just protect – it earns major style points! It leaves a lasting, high-quality shine that will not fade from exposure to water, sun, or road spray. Your surface will be easy to keep clean because the Jade Graphene Spray Coating repels contaminants.