Poka Wheel Stand

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Several months of testing and several design modifications resulted in the highest quality product. We present a stable and precisely finished wheel stand. A tool used to support work on rims or entire wheels. Thanks to 3 rollers, we can turn the wheel in any direction without any problem. The rollers can be set at an angle, supporting the wheel with a bail or horizontally without the use of a bail. This solution allows you to work on the rims according to your preferences and possibilities.

The stand is made of high-quality, durable 4mm stainless steel, precisely cut and bent. Bottom rollers with a length of 300m and a top with a length of 400mm (total length of the bail is 900mm) will match the rims in size from 14 "to 22". High-quality rubber feet keep the stand in one position during all work. Thanks to the special rear bends, the bail is very stable even with massive wheels.

The stand is ideal for:

- ceramic coating application

- wheel renovation

- polishing the rims

- painting rims

- cleaning rims


Lenght - 59 cm

Width from the wall - 37 cm

Height - 92 cm