Nextzett SF2 High Gloss Finish

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  • Silicone-free, medium cut polish with specially developed, high tech micro abrasives
  • Reduces swirl marks, compound marks and holograms
  • Low dusting, exceptional gloss and depth
  • Long work time for precise finish
  • Made in Germany

Medium-cut finishing polish with specially developed, high-tech abrasives, which are the latest generation in the microscopic range. Eliminates swirl marks and holograms. SF 2 High Gloss Finish produces an ultimate deep gloss finish and lasting protection. Since it's silicone-free, it can be applied on all coatings without restrictions. Produces no holograms (even on black coatings), no lubricating film., and can be polished out without any residue. A straightforward polish with virtually all applications. Water-based and silicone-free.