Nextzett No. 2 One Step Polish

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  • Restores paint finishes that have lost their luster and depth due to oxidation, road grime, and other environmental elements that bombard it daily

  • No. 2 One Step Polish can be applied by hand or with a DA (dual action) polisher to remove haze, reduce the appearance of swirl marks, and remove bird and sap stains

  • The deep conditioning formula keeps paint from becoming brittle so that your paint looks new for years to come

  • The easy to use formula goes on and wipes off easily without any residue or staining and works on all types of paint finishes and colors

One Step Polish reduces swirl marks and oxidation that can make paint finishes look dull. One Step Polish also reduces paint imperfections and road grime that accumulate over the course of time restoring your paint finish to its original high gloss showroom finish. Protects the paint finish with a protective layer of carnauba wax for longer lasting results. Formulated to produce the best results when applied with a Dual Action (DA) polisher but can also be applied by hand. Follow up with No. 3 Polish & Wax for a professional showroom finish. Ideal for all paint colors and finishes.