Nextzett Lotus Ultra ISF

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Phosphate-free concentrated cleaner

Product Description:
Composition: nextzett Lotos Ultra ISF is an exceptionally economical, alkaline concentrated cleaner, based on special anionic, amphoteric and cationic surfactants. Combined with new complexing additives, best possible cleaning is possible while still being kind to materials, even in very hard water. The surfactants used in the formulation are fully biodegradable in accordance with EC Detergents Directive 648/2004 Appendix III, and are environmentally benign in waste water.

Mode of action: nextzett Lotos Ultra ISF is particularly suitable as a pre-treatment in car-wash plants by virtue of its new anti-dirt formula. By using new and extremely powerful dispersants, the dirt can easily be rinsed off, resulting in an easy-to-clean effect. The lime-inhibitor effectively prevents all lime deposits and smears during the subsequent washing process. In this way, a lotus effect is obtained during preliminary cleaning. Dissolved particles of muck in waste water will no longer get deposited on the surface. Further soiling is effectively prevented.

nextzett Lotos Ultra ISF is a universal pre-cleaner. Ambient dirt, streaks of petrol from overflows while filling up, insects, bird-lime and exhaust residues are removed without trace thanks to its outstanding power, which penetrates into the dirt. Its integrated anti-evaporant gives maximum protection against the formation of spots or chemical burns, despite the alkaline reaction. nextzett Lotos Ultra ISF will dissolve all normal types of dirt with total reliability, such as chitin residues, pigment dirt, wax, proteins and other stubborn stains. Its high dirt-carrying power and easy rinsing- off ensure outstanding efficiency, even with a large number of washes and little penetration time.

Application: nextzett Lotos Ultra ISF is suitable for use in SB pre-spray appliances, in all pre-spray arches at car-wash plants, also for hand application using hand-spray spray bottle. The product is a concentrated special cleaner and we therefore advise using nextzett Lotos Ultra ISF only in diluted form.

In the pre-spray appliance: Dilute first to 1:5 up to 1:10, depending on the severity of soiling. Spray soiled surfaces evenly, from the bottom up. Allow to penetrate a few moments. Rinse off with plentiful amounts of water. In the HD (High Pressure Washer): Pre-dilute up to approx. 1:5, depending on the type of appliance In the pre-spray arch: Feed into the pre-spray device using a dosing pump. Final dilution maximum 1% – 5%. Cleaning wheels: Pre-dilute 1:5 and apply with a spray bottle. Allow to work for no more than 3 minutes and rinse.