Nextzett SF1 Extreme Cut

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  • Silicone-free, compound cutting polish with specially developed, high tech micro abrasives
  • Eliminates sanding marks, dust nibs, paint runs, scratches and overspray
  • Uses special aluminum micro abrasives for precision polishing
  • Low dusting, exceptional gloss and depth
  • Long work time for precise finish
  • Made in Germany

SF1 Extreme Cut is a cutting compound for professional users that sets a new benchmark. The special aluminum oxide micro-abrasives ensure the highest cutting rate and maximum gloss level are achieved. Also excellent for older, weathered paint finishes and acrylic glass lenses. SF1 removes dust nibs, paint runs, scratches and overspray. Ideal for reconditioning matte and weathered coatings. Water-based and silicone-free.