Mytee G008 Piglet Filters 25PCK

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Here’s the perfect compliment to Mytee’s Lint Hog stainless steel mesh filter — Piglet Filters. The Lint Hog traps debris before it reaches the extractor’s motor, preventing down time and costly repairs. Nylon Piglet Filters line the stainless steel filter for added protection against debris.

Piglet Filters can also be used with all Mytee extractors. Simply feed the filter through the vacuum port, then fold the end of the filter over the port. Attach your hose as you normally would.


  • Each pack contains 25 filters
  • Catches loose debris to prevent damage to vacuum motor
  • Makes the Lint Hog easier to clean (just remove, turn inside-out, rinse off and reuse)
  • Makes the Lint Hog’s stainless steel filter even more effective in protecting the extractor’s motor
  • Simple to install and replace
  • Perfect for Lint Hog, and Flood Hog and Air Hog models


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