MFX: Microfiber Detergent

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CARPRO MFX Microfiber Detergent 500ml (17oz)

Microfiber and polishing pad detergent.

​Struggle no more with dirty microfiber towels and common detergents. CARPRO MFX is designed to remove oils, wax, and dirt from your microfiber cloths to restore their performance time and again.  

Microfiber is made up of polyester and polyamides.  Polyester is the primary fiber and designed to absorb oils while polyamides are designed to absorb water.  When you use microfiber to remove hazed wax or sealant, the fibers become coated in oils and this inhibits the microfiber from absorbing, simply pushing it around the surface.  MFX is the solution. Buy yours today!


  • Designed to restore microfiber towels.
  • Removes oil, dirt, wax and light stains.
  • Suitable for machine washing.
  • Suitable for cleaning polishing pads.
  • Antistatic effect.

Machine Wash Dilution:

  • Add 1.5oz of MFX to your washing machine to clean towels.

Hand Wash Dilution:

  • Add 3oz of MFX to a 5 gallon bucket and let pads/ towels soak in the solution for at least 1 hour. Rinse pads/towels thoroughly and agitate pads as needed.