MaxShine Heavy-Duty Wheel & Carpet Cleaning Brush

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  • Heavy Duty scrubbing bristles that eliminate dirt and grime on interior surfaces. Separate individual fibers to lift and remove stains. Ideal for carpets, floor mats & durable upholstery, and even your home and office! Ergonomic and durable design allows this brush to be utilized time and time again with proper cleaning.


  1. Strong Brush Hairs for Deep Cleaning

  2. Handle with Pre-Built Hole for Hanging

  3. Durable, Chemical Resistant Handle

  4. Use with Any Cleaning Chemicals

  5. Brush Options: Medium-Duty, Exterior Surface, Heavy-Duty



Size: 8 x 3 x 1in

PVC hair diameter: 40mm

Material: PP handle & PP hair

Color: Red + Black