Maxshine Detailing Drill Straight Extended Accessory

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  1. Heavy duty: The drill brush extension adapter is made of high-quality materials that are chemical resistant and won’t corrode after using with aggressive cleaners.

  2. Extended cleaning power: Remove dust, dirt debris and grime from hard to reach areas on your vehicle. Attach to your drill brush for extra length and torque.

  3. Secure connection: The magnetized slip joint to connect your brush onto the extension will hold things together tightly. Can be used on most cordless drills.

  4. Effective cleaning: Use this extension when cleaning the interior of your vehicle To remove stubborn dirt, sand and stains. This is also very effective in your home for cleaning surfaces, bathtubs and bathrooms.

Package Including:

1PC Detailing Drill Straight Extended

Note: Cordless drill not included



Maxshine drill brush extension is very effective at cleaning hard to reach areas. By adding length and torque to your drill brush you can easily remove deep stains, dust and dirt from the interior of your vehicle and home.