LC Blue SDO Heavy Polishing Pad

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Available in 3 Foam Colors:

  • Blue - Heavy Polishing (Or light cutting)
  • Orange - Polishing
  • Black - Finishing (Also great for wax/sealants)

SDO has some of the HDO features, including the exclusive Lake Country foam and tapered design to reduce pad rolling, without the dual layer design. 

At ⅞”, SDO pads are also slightly thinner than the 1” HDO pads. As a result, SDO offers a lower price point and an alternative for users of forced rotation polishers or random orbital polisher with a standard throw (typically under 10mm)

Each detailer can now choose between HDO and SDO based on the tools they’re using and the job at hand.


  • Tapered Edge – Prevents pad rolling and provides great pad rotation. Great for curved and contoured panels. Allows for precision polishing in tight areas.
  • Center Ventilated Cooling Chamber – Dissipates heat away from the center of the pad, reducing temperatures and increasing durability. The system also allows for perfect pad alignment.
  • Designed together – The SDO system pairs perfectly with our foamed wool pads for heavy cutting.