LC Black HDO Orbital Finishing Pad

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  • ULTRASOFT FINISHING PAD: Our 6 1/2-inch black HDO foam finishing pad has an ultrasoft composition for a flawless finish. With no cut, this foam pad applies an even, thin surface layer of wax, sealant, or polish.
  • HDO POLISH-APPLICATOR PAD: Our foam pad was specially developed for use with long-stroke dual-action polishers. It is sturdy and minimizes haze and micromarring. The hook-and-loop applicator fits 5-inch backing plates.
  • STABLE COMPOUND PAD: The dual foam layer reduces friction and prevents the inside of the pad from getting too warm, creating less foam fatigue. It also increases stability for better detailing and better machine control on curved panels.
  • COOLING FLEX POLISHING PAD: Our foam polishing pad blocks heat transfer between each layer and provides the same benefits as a thin foam pad. The center cooling chamber redirects heat to keep the pad from concaving.