LC Flexible Backing Plate for Rotary Polishers

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The Lake Country Flexible Backing Plate (43-175) measures 4.75-inches and works well with 6-inch and 6.5-inch pads. Fits all rotary buffers with 5/8" diameter shaft.

Lake Country Flexible, Molded Urethane, Backing Plates are the same backing plates being used by BMW, Mercedes and other German automakers in their assembly plants and are considered to be the finest backing plates available.

Advantages of Flexible, Urethane Backing Plates:

  • The VELCRO® brand fastening material is molded into the plate eliminating delamination.
  • The flexible edge reduces spontaneous heat build-up when transitioning from flat to contoured surfaces.
  • These plates are recommended for compounding, polishing and finishing "soft" German clear coats.
  • Vastly reduced heat transfer keeps motor heat from being transferred to the paint surface.
  • Flexible backing plate for circular polishers
  • Plated steel threaded insert will not cross-thread.
  • Reinforced inner construction uses steel struts molded into the center hub for superior strength.
  • Beveled outer edge allows easy pad removal and replacement.

Always use the recommended size backing plate for the sized pad you are using. Never use a backing plate that is larger than the foam pad or disc.