Gyeon Q² Can Coat

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GYEON Q² CANCOAT EVO is a ceramic coat spray designed to be the fastest and most efficient way to install a true SiO2 based protective ceramic coating to your vehicle. Simply spray Q² CANCOAT EVO onto the included microfiber towel, wipe into your paint, and get ready for the pop-in gloss. Q² CANCOAT EVO outperforms any wax or sealant and offers real protection from UV and chemical exposure.


The strength of Q² CANCOAT EVO comes in its ability to be quickly and easily applied to multiple surfaces. The coating is not designed to be applied heavily in cross-hatched and overlapping passes. It is designed to be wiped into the surface quickly and excess product removed immediately for a fast and efficient coating application. You receive all the benefits of a ceramic coating with the application of a spray wax.

CONSUMPTION: 10-15ml/car


DURABILITY: up to 12 months / 12kkm