Gyeon Q² One

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GYEON Q2 One Enthusiast Ceramic Coating
This new coating is targeted at you if you're still using car waxes and synthetic paint sealants. I'll show you below how to apply it. It's not hard as long as you follow the directions and once you've coated your car you'll have all the experience you need to tackler future coating projects.

This new coating is as easy as it gets when it comes to applying and wiping off the coating. Professional grade coatings can last longer because there is a higher concentration of "solids" in the formula. It is this higher concentration of solids that also makes it more difficult to wipe-off. The solvents used to hold the coating in a liquid emulsion can vary greatly, and this will also have a major influence on how easy or how difficult a coating is to wipe-off. GYEON has taken all these things into consideration and created the perfect balance of a super high quality coating that is easy for the novice to install.