Sibelum Bali Antislip Leather Brush

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  • The Bali Antislip Brush is a special brush for cleaning various sensitive surfaces.It is the result of long-term studies and testing.
  • The base of the brush is made of durable real wood, painted with antislip paint, which ensures that the brush does not slip out of our hands even if we have wet hands.
  • The ergonomic shape of the handle ensures maximum comfort and relaxation at work. Even if we clean with it for longer, our hands will not become tired and sore, as no strong holding of the brush is required.
  • The bristles are made of bambu and are significantly more durable and high quality compared to other brushes. 
  • The manufacturer guarantees that up to a hundred vehicles can be cleaned with a single brush.
  • Due to its soft bristles, the brush is suitable for cleaning various surfaces such as: leather, alcantara, textiles, roof tiles, plastic, vinyl, rubber, and more. 

Dimensions: 116x40 / 54x35mm