BuffBrite Nano-Brite Attatchment 1.25 inch

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ow you can put your Flamethrower to work for you on the Inside of the car too.  That's right the same Light!  This bracket securely mounts the Light and Arm to any 1 inch (25mm) to 1.3 inch (33mm) round tube such as an small Extractor Nozzle handle or a small Plastic or Metal Crevice tool, pressure washer Gun or Claw tool (also Rupes Nano ibrid). It blows away any headlight and won't pinch your head.  Prepare to be amazed!!!

This Kit works perfect with the new quick disconnect Flamethrower ll kit and that is what you’ll need to make your Rupes Nano or Pressure Washer well lit in every situation. This is simply the clamp to make it mount up for easy on and off connection. When you don’t need it the clamp and hub simply stay mounted and ready for the next time you need excellent lighting!