Gliptone Blizzard Shield

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Gliptone Blizzard Shield blasts on to the target surface with a pleasently mild froth appearance and pleasant sweet, wax like aroma. Blizzard Shield enhances the surface gloss and speeds the drying process. Blizzard Shield also leaves a residual lasting protection on all hard surfaces.

Compatible with BLIZZRD MAKER Foam Cannon or Pump Spray Application.

Safe for all Waxed and Ceramic Coated Surfaces.

Sweet Wax Scent


  1. Shake Well. Add just 1 ounce of Blizzard Shield to 31 ounces of water (basically 1 ounce/30ml then fill the canister with water).
  2. Evenly blast Blizzard Shield onto the surface in a side to side motion from botton to top.
  3. Allow just 15 to 20 seconds to dwell, then rinse off with fresh water at low or high pressure.