Biotech Extractor Defoamer

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  • Is a multipurpose and industrial grade concentrated defoamer, to keep foam and suds to a minimum in the extractor recovery tank. Our defoamer protects extractor motor from damage. You can also spray a mist of defoamer directly onto the carpet to break up suds. 


  • For general use in hot or cold systems
  • No need to shake or mix
  • Long lasting and stable
  • Minimize suds that build up in recovery tank
  • Avoid Clogging that slows extraction power


  1. For Extractors: At a starting point add 1/2 to 1 once of defoamer to 10 gallons of waste solution tank capacity. 
  2. Automatic Floor Scrubbers: For foaming problems in waste solution tank add 1 to 2 onces of defoamer to 10 gallons of water in tank.