BioTech BioBeads Silica Spray Sealant

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  • BioBeads protects any type of surface, with its easy application, after it has been cured creates a layer that adds higher gloss and protection to the surface. BioBeads can be used by itself offering 3-6 months protection to give a quick shine. Providing easy application just spray on and wipe off. BioBeads has been created to complement our 9H ceramic coating adding even more gloss and slicker surface prolonging the life of the ceramic coating.


  • Safe to use on chrome and trim.
  • Easy application, spray on and wipe off.
  • Maintains and boosts BioTech Silver and Gold Ceramic Coating.
  • Can be used as a spray sealant alone.
  • Silica spray sealant that creates higher gloss and protection.
  • Water repellant properties.