BioTech Air Freshener Breeze Air Scent

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  • BioTech Air Freshener is a total release odor eliminator and a true deodorant which oxidizes odor elements in the air. BioTech Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator is a concentrated long lasting premium air freshener that uses its pureness to combat smoke & fine odors, odors of the sickness, animal habitats, skunk, mustiness, decayed matter, pesticides and annoying odors. Our air fresheners contain refined ingredients that leave a long lasting, fresh and pleasant scent every time.


  • Contains no harmful solvents and are safe for use on any environment
  • Control smoke cigarette, mildew, pet and food odors
  • Leave a long lasting, fresh and pleasant scent
  • Just Rinses on


  1.  Shake well.
  2. Apply by spray 2-3 pumps of product on area affected.
  3. Let it dry.