Auto Scents Cool Breeze

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  • Auto Scents pads are heavily scented for long lasting use. Will remove stale or musty odors. Improves air quality in vehicles, recreational vehicles, office, and home. Useful in full-service car washes, detail shops, new car dealerships, used car dealers, RV dealerships, and rental car agencies. Pkg. 60 per resealable bag.

  • Cool Breeze scent - Designed to make you feel like you're laying in the hammock on a nice cool spring day
  • Packaged 60 per package
  • Heavily scented for long-lasting use to remove stale or musty odors. (Periods of extreme heat will reduce the lifespan of all air freshener pads)
  • Each pad is 1.5 inches x 3 inches
  • Used by professionals at car dealerships, auto detail shops and car rental agencies