ArtDeShine RTU Graphene Seal

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A special Polymer blend and Graphene Oxide gives it coating-like properties while adding more protection against UVA/UVB rays and corrosion. The Graphene Detailer sealant has filling capabilities up to FEPA Grade 5000. This easy to use formulation applies on very easily and removes without streaks or residue. For dry and wet use, safe for coatings and all surfaces.


Key Features

• 3-6 months durability

• Slick Surface

• Hydrophobic

• Filling Capabilities of Micro swirls

• Streak less Formulation

• Reduces surface friction

• Water soluble product

• Ease of cleaning

• Fuss free application

• Chemical resistant, pH 4-13

• Reflective shine

• Gloss enhancing

• Increases matte shine

• Smooth and Sleek