ArtDeShine Graphene Beading Express (BX) Coating

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Graphene Beading Express (BX) Coating (50ml) - V2


Formluated to meet the rising demands of enthusiasts eager to reap the benefits of graphene technology. 


A fuss-free and user-friendly all surface use product for any installer, professionals or enthusiasts. Using rGO technology to fight off corrosion and water spotting issues. Graphene BX makes use of special polymers that boasts an ultra slick surface with great self cleaning properties while enhancing the gloss and reectivity of paint surfaces. 


Key Features


• Water Repellence Contact Angle : 110° - 120°

• 1 Year Bonding Durability
• All Surface Use
• Rapid Water Dispersion
• Water Repellent
• UV Resistant
• Corrosion Resistant
• Chemical Resistant
• Abrasion Resistant

• Anti-Fouling
• Spreads Easy
• Low Surface Friction
• Excellent Self-Cleaning Abilities
• Etching Reduction
• Easy Cleaning


Product Finishing


• Wet Gloss
• Reflective Shine
• Extremely Sleek
• Darkens Matte Surfaces
• Enhances Matte Shine
• Vibrant Colors