Wash Jet MEG Nozzle 1/8"

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1/8" WashJet MEG Nozzles

Max 3000 PSI

WashJet MEG Series 400 hardened stainless steel nozzles are rated to 3000 PSI. Available with or without stabilizer vanes. Solid stream to 65 degree wide patterns are available with and without vanes.

1/8" MEG (Male) Nozzles are available for #1 through #20 orifices. Male threads only. Example: 1/8MEG0002 is 1/8" MPT (male) thread, zero stream, #2 orifice. (ADD VA at end of number if internal vane is required).

Temperature Rating: 500° F

How To Order Nozzles: State type number, spray angle and orifice size numbers.

Tip Numbers include four or five digits: The first two indicating the spray angle and the last two or three indicating the orifice size.

Example: 1/8MEG4008 would be 1/8" MPT, with a 40 Deg. spray angle and an 08 orifice size.