BuffBrite Flamethrower II Polishing Light

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Brand new design makes it a breeze to add and remove and even easier from tool to tool.

Just pop it on when you need it and off when you don’t.  Move it effortlessly from tool to tool. 

Order extra hubs for your Vac Brite, Nano Brite, pressure washer or other Polishers and just move your lights from tool to tool.  Put a hub on all your machines and simply move the light from your rotary to your dual action. Then move it from your Nano polisher to your Extractor wand and dry vac if you buy the Vac-Brite or Nano Brite 1.5 or 1.25 adaptors.  Lighting for every situation with ultimate convenience!

* Fits nearly every polisher on the planet with the supplied kit. 

* 800 Lumens each.

* Cool Blue 7800 Kelvin gives perfect light without straining your eyes.

* Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery provides over 10 hours of work time on the brightest setting.

* Aluminum arm comes with Lifetime warranty.

* Military grade dampener Mitigates all vibration to the light.

* Light Weight at less than 8 ounces each.

* Rubber caps to protect from any pant damage.

* Limitless angles of install.

* Easily removes for charging.