SM Arnold Premium Paper Floor Mat 250 Box

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Made of matte finish polyethylene coated on one side of the paper. The heavy amount of polyethylene coating makes this mat one of the best water barrier products while the ridged construction helps to better absorb moisture and resist slipping.

The material's unique durability rivals the heavier photo paper mats on the market while additionally providing an absorbent top surface. Polyethylene coating is more durable and superior to the standard glossy "poly-back" which is normally a water resistant acrylic coating that breaks down sooner than the polyethylene coating.

  • Useful design: "Footprint" graphic with the words "YOUR BUSINESS IS APPRECIATED!" and "PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY!".
  • Very strong and absorbent- designed to outlast acrylic poly-back and photo paper mats.
  • Absorbent top layer of 60# paper laminated to a thick 22# layer of durable polyethylene.
  • Ridged profile for better water absorption and to minimize slipping.